LabHoodPro™ is the specialty product division of ECT, Inc.
LabHoodPro™ Fume Hood Retrofit Kit

Reduce Risk and Eliminate Waste

Laboratory fume hoods upgraded with the LabHoodPro™ retrofit components offer superior protection for users at reduced airflow with no sash height restrictions and energy savings that can exceed 40%.

Superior Safety & Performance

The LabHoodPro™ retrofit kit includes a combination of aerodynamic components and ergonomically designed safety shields that maximize both containment performance and safety protection for users. Performance ensures compliance with safety standards.

Operator Flexibility

Remove the sash stop and limits on vertical sash height? No Problem. The ergonomic, horizontal sliding, safety shields together with the advanced aerodynamic components eliminate the need for a vertical sash stop and permit the user to locate the sash where necessary to safely perform their work.

Airflow & Energy Reduction

Regardless of whether you operate fume hoods at average face velocities of 60 fpm, 100 fpm, or higher; total exhaust flow can be reduced by 30 - 40%. The LabHoodPro™ Retrofit Kit is applicable to any size, CAV or VAV, bench-top fume hood.

Energy Savings You Can Measure

The LabHoodPro™ Retrofit Kit can be installed on CAV fume hoods or combined with VAV controls to maximize airflow reduction. The following tables provide a sample of potential airflow and cost reduction for a typical 6-ft., bench-top, fume hood having an annual cost of operation equal to $5/cfm.

LabHoodPro™ Retrofit Kit is safe and sustainable technology. The benefits include:
  • Low Cost Alternative to Replacement
  • Less Than One Day Required for Non-Intrusive Installation
  • Superior Containment, Enhanced Internal Dilution and Better Contaminant Removal
  • Significant Airflow and Energy Reduction
  • Greater Flexibility for Users
  • Compliance with Safety Standards
  • Increased Lifecycle with Competitive Payback

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